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ICC - International Co-ordinating Committee

The ICC is the highest decision-making body of the TEDIM programme. The International Co-ordinating Committee guarantees the necessary political support for the programmes in each TEDIM country. The Committee also serves as an impartial discussion and meeting forum for the members of the programme and experts to exchange and share ideas and points of views.

The meeting is called and chaired by the chaiman of the ICC. The chairmanship rotates among the member countries  (member state or the signatory to the MoU). The chairman of the ICC is elected for one year at a time.           


  The chairing country for the year 2007 was Finland, and the
  16th ICC meeting was held in Helsinki, February 6-7th, 2008.
  The chairperson of the ICC was Silja Ruokola, the Director of
  the Unit for Logistics and Russian Co-operation form the
  Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland.

 16th ICC Meeting, Helsinki, 6-7th of February 2008
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 Minutes of the 16 ICC in English

Hilde Trebesch 2006

  The chairing country for the year 2006 was Germany, and the
  15th ICC meeting was held in Lübeck, October 12-13th, 2006.
  The chairperson of the ICC was Hilde Trebesch, the Deputy
  Director General of the Strategic Planning Department form the
  Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs of Germany.

  15th ICC Meeting, Lübeck, 12-13th of October 2006
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 Minutes of the 15th ICC meeting in English
 PDF file symbol Tedim News letter Winter 2006-2007

  The chairing country for the year 2005 was Estonia, and the
  14th ICC meeting was held in Tallinn, October 13-14th, 2005.
  The chairperson of the ICC was Andres Tint, the Deputy
  Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and
  Communications of Estonia.

 14th ICC Meeting, Tallinn, 13-14th of October 2005
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 Minutes of the 14th ICC meeting in English
 PDF file symbol Tedim News letter Winter 2005-2006

Gorechki 270204

  In the 12th ICC meeting Poland was chosen to be the new
  chairing country of the TEDIM programme for the year 2004. 
  The chairman of the 13th ICC meeting, which was held in
  Gdansk, September 27-28th, 2004 was the Deputy Director of
  the Maritime Transport Department Tadeuz Gorecki from
  the Ministry of Infrastructure iof Poland. 
  13th ICC Meeting, Gdansk, 27-28th of September 2004
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 Minutes of the 13th ICC meeting in English
  PDF file symbol Tedim News Letter winter 2004-2005 in English

Vilis Zvidrins

  Last year 2003, Latvia held the precidency of the TEDIM
  programme. Director of the Information Technology Division of
  the Latvian Ministry of Transport Vilis Zvidrins was the
  chairman of the 12th ICC meeting. 
  Microsoft Word symbol Minutes of the 12th ICC meeting in English
  PDF file symbol Tedim News letter Winter 2003-2004 in English 


  The chairing country in 2002 was Russian Federation and the
  chairman of the 11th ICC was the First Deputy Minister of the
  Railway Transport of Russian Federation, Vladimir I.

 Microsoft Word symbol Minutes of the 11th ICC meeting in English
 PDF file symbol Tedim News letter Winter 2002-2003 

The chairman invites all representatives of the companies and organisations involved in the programme to participate in the yearly meeting. In addition, specialists and representatives of different institutes and organisations as well as representatives of non-member countries are invited to the meeting as observers.

In the ICC, the decisions are made by common consent. For example, the following items dealt with at the ICC meetings:

  • Approval and development of the TEDIM organisation and strategy
  • Approval of new member countries
  • The development of objectives and contents of TEDIM projects as well as the follow-up of their realisation
  • Approval of new TEDIM projects
  • Other issues important from the point of view of international co-operation, e.g. information, project financing etc.

The TEDIM Secretariat draws up the Minutes of the Meeting in English and submits it to participants and national co-ordinators. Additionally, the Red cone symbol TEDIM News Letter is published in English and in Finnish after every meeting held.





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