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 BaSIM - Baltic Sea
 Information Motorways

  STATUS - completed 

The Commission of the European Union presented the concept "Motorways of the Sea" in its White Paper on transport policy. The purpose of this concept is to reduce congestion on roads and improve the competitiveness of shipping by making it better and faster.

The Baltic Sea transport route to Central Europe is vital for Nordic economies as the foreign trade relies considerably on sea transports. There are many barriers such as transport distance, ice conditions and infrastructural bottlenecks. Sea Motorways and The Motorway of the Baltic Sea will contribute to overcoming these and other barriers and providing for environmentally sustainable route from Finland and other countries to the EU markets.

However, at the same time it is said that in information technology and communications the main challenge is still the lack of compatibility between processes and practices as well as information and communications technologies and systems (fusion of information technology and communication technology to new ICT-systems). This is the same message that we constantly hear from business managers.

The new Baltic Sea Information Motorways project emphasizes that simultaneous actions are needed to develop both physical and information infrastructure within Baltic Sea area. This will lead to overall improvement of logistics productivity and competitiveness

Information Motorways concept is needed to provide a common language to describe the processes, methods and standards that will facilitate new ways of integrating local and national maritime systems of users and authorities in an efficient way.

The main partners

  • Technology Centre Luebeck (TZL),
  • Maritime Institute Gdansk,
  • FDT (Association of Danish ports),
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • The Finnish Maritime Administration.

The user group had close to 30 organizations from most Baltic Sea countries.


The project started in September 2004 and it was financed by Interreg IIIB.

Project Work Packages:

  1. WP 1 - Baltic Sea Information Motorways Collaboration Architecture as a generic framework for logistics systems development
  2. WP -2 BSR Port and Supply Chain Security and Safety supported by Telematic Solutions
  3. WP 3 - Maritime Transport Corridor Development
  4. WP 4 - Baltic Sea Motorway supporting information services

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See also: http://www.basim.org

For more information, please contact :
Project Co-ordinator Raimund Mildner
Technikzentrum of Lübeck
e-mail: lastname@tzl.de

Lead Partner Horst Pahl
Tradav GmbH
E-mail: firstname.lastname@tradav.de


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