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InLoC’s Mid-term Conference under the Midnight Sun

The InLoC project organised a Mid-term Conference in Kemi, Finland open for all interested logistics actors. In the Conference, professionals from seven different European countries shared their views on the logistics and its development. The participants got also a peek into the economics and future visions in the northern Russia.

The main idea of the Conference was to present the project achievements and give insight into logistics and logistics centre development in the Baltic Sea and Murmansk areas. Several professionals gave presentations in the fields of logistics, economics and spatial planning picturing the current status and future visions.

The morning session of the Conference concentrated on project achievements. It was heard that the project has conducted many detailed case studies. One of them handled strategic business networks in the transport sector. The objective of this particular study was to clarify the possibilities how companies could utilize the strategic business networks in multilateral co-operation. In addition, the project partners have described the spatial planning systems in four Baltic Sea countries, namely in Denmark, Poland, Latvia and Finland, in another case study. Furthermore, the spatial planning needs of logistics centres have been analysed as well as the state of the current co-operation between spatial planners and logistics centres. The project also aims to find solutions on how to network the logistics IT networks and to overcome existing barriers. These will lay ground for further development and implementation of connecting existing or planned networks.

As education is a very important factor in the development of logistics in the Baltic Sea area InLoC also has the objective to organise workshops on different themes to educate the public and different parties involved in logistics centre development. The first workshop that already took place in Germany dealt with the concept and experiences of German logistics centres and ports as distribution centres. The second workshop taking place in Poland in September will concentrate on different practices of public-private partnerships in developing logistics centres. The third workshop will handle different aspects of political and economic problems, which surface in the development of logistics centres. The third workshop will be organised in Latvia.

In the afternoon the stage was reserved for visiting speakers. Vice Rector Olga Buch from the Murmansk State Technical University presented the economic status and future visions of the Murmansk oblast. She highlighted the need for competent logistics experts, the development of infrastructure and importance of investments. Mr Jefferey Roberts form Impivaara Securities Ltd and Pomor Petroleum Ltd, UK, presented the need and status of investments in energy and logistics in the Murmansk region. Mr Jaakko Kilpeläinen form Saimaa Lines Maritime Oy shared his views on the future role of the Finnish industry in the future Russian transit traffic. 

The Conference was organised by the City of Kemi and the Centre for Maritime Studies of the University of Turku on the 21st of June 2005. It attracted around sixty participants from ten different countries around the Baltic Sea and one beyond.

InLoC – Integrating Logistics Centre Networks in the Baltic Sea Region – is a project, which aims at improving the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Baltic Sea region in relation to other European regions through transnational co-operation on spatial planning and improvement of transport and communication links. InLoC stimulates the business sector of the area by creating better conditions for logistics operations and will result in innovative co-operation networks of all actors in transport chains as well as networks of the logistics centre related actors. It is a co-operation project of 35 partners from 9 Baltic Sea countries. It is part-financed by the Community Initiative Programme Baltic Sea Region INTERREG III B. InLoC also receives co-financing from the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

For further information on the project please visit www.inloc.info .


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