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The Technical Co-ordinating Group (TCG) of the TEDIM programme met in Helsinki, on 12 May 2004

The most important issue of the TCG meeting was the implementation of the new TEDIM Strategy, which was adopted in Riga last Sseptember, and strenghening of co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region.

Participation of the private sector is essential for TEDIM projects. TCG discussed the importance of paying regard to the company needs in developing the programme and the projects. Significance was also attached to disseminating information about TEDIM and organising discussion forums for the private companies.

National and international programme financing was discussed at the meeting. The EU enlargement brings new possibilities for the Baltic States. Some of the most important EU financing instruments, like the new Neighbouring Programme 2004-2006, were presented. It was agreed that in September ICC meeting a summary of financing tools that are suitable for the TEDIM projects will be presented. The most essential financing programmes were listed and every member country was given a task to conduct a more precise study for the summary.

One important task of the TCG meeting is to draw up the agenda and prepare matters for the ICC meeting. TCG also outlined a proposal for the ICC with regard to granting a TEDIM certificate to new project initiatives as a guarantee of their quality. An overview of on-going TEDIM projects and project proposals was presented at the meeting.

This year the chairing country of the TEDIM programme is Poland. The next, XIII, ICC meeting will be held in Gdansk, on 27-28 September 2004.

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Participants of the TCG meeting:
Seppo Auvinen, Oy EDI Management Finland Ltd; Aldis Zarins, National co-ordinator of TEDIM in Latvia, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Latvia; Gintaras Trinkunas, National co-ordinator of TEDIM in Lithuania, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania; Horst Pahl, National co-ordinator of TEDIM in Germany, Tradav; Jaroslaw Kotowski, Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland; Romualdas Kondratas, Lithuanian Railways; Jani Tikkanen, TEDIM Secretariat, EP-Logistics Oy; Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, TEDIM Secretariat, ELC Finland Oy; Hanna Perälä, University of Turku; Ludwik Kondratowicz, National co-ordinator of TEDIM in Poland, Maritime Institute of Gdansk and Matti Ylösjoki, TEDIM co-ordinator, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland.


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