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On-going TEDIM Projects

1. Supply Chain Management, SCM

2. Logistic Services

  • InLoC - Integrating Logistics Centre Networks in the Baltic Sea Region The project aims at integrating of logistics centres and their interest groups, create conditions for the spatial integration of logistics operations, remove bottlenecks in port-hinterland- connections, improve the compatibility of different ICT-based transport & logistics networks and organise educational events related to logistics.
    The project has been approved by the BSR INTERREG III B Programme.

3. Logistics Corridors

  • Baltic Tangent
    Project is focusing on the importance of land and maritime transport infrastructure improvement as a mean to strenghten labour market and the competitiveness of economic activities in the BT area. The project relates directly to key aspects of the BSR development set up by EU concerning sustainable economic growth and cohesion. The project ihas received financing from the ERDF.

4. Logistics Information Management

  • RailCom  - Railway Communications
    The project aims at developing an electronic document exchange system for railway transport between Finland and Russia. The objective of the project is to exchange (send/receive) all waybill information electronically between the Finnish and Russian Railways by using the EDIFACT standard.
    First phase of the project is finished and the message transmission is in full use between Russian and Finnish Railways. In the future the project plans are to improve correctness of the electronic data content and to implement full-size electronic waybill.

  • RailTrack (RailTrace) - Railway Tracking and Tracing
    The aim of the project is to develop a consignment tracking system to be used in Russia and Finland as well as in other parts of the EU. The system has been in production in Finland since December 2000. RailTrack service that covers the Russian traffic will be ready by the end of 2004. http://www.railtrace.com
    Tests with real-time messages started 2004 with pilot route. Next routes to be tested are Mukkala - St.Petersburg and the Trans Siberian Route from Nahodka to and from Finland.
    The project will continue under the title RailTrack TSR.

  • BaSIM - Baltic Sea Information Motorways
    The concept is proposed to be part of the EU Motorways of the Sea process within the Baltic Sea Region. The purpose is to highlight the necessity to build up an information platform in harmony with infrastructure investments. Information Motorways is not only technology but also a strong vision to create a logistics information motorways platform in the Baltic Sea Region for business processes, business process transactions and implementation guidelines.
    The project was approved in the INTERREG III B Programme. 
    The project started on 1st of September 2004.

5. Public Contribution and Participation

  • RailCust - Railway and Customs Co-operation
    The project aims at speeding up the border crossing procedures in railway traffic from Finland to Russia on the Russian border crossing stations by using electronic data exchange. The waybill information sent by Finnish Railways to Russian Railways is forwarded to the Russian Customs systems on the border crossing stations. The customs authorities can follow the customs procedures before the arrival of goods.

  • EuroRussia
    A wide, joint Finnish, Swedish and Russian public/private development programme, which aims through its development programmes at creating better production and investment preconditions for Finnish, Swedish and other EU area companies in Russia. At the same time the programme aims at creating preconditions for a co-operation between the Russian and the western companies. The programme is open for all EU countries. 

  • EuroRail-Kaliningrad

    The basic purpose of the project is the automation of work at border railway

    stations and the organisation of a system for message interchange.

  • ELog RUS-EU - Integration of Russia-EU Electronic Logistic Space
    The main goal is to define the structure of the integrated electronic logistic space for the introduction of compatible electronic logistic services, systems and technologies within the common Russia-EU economic area. Another important aim is the formulation of unified recommendations as to the composition and format of the data in the messages and documents, electronic logistic technologies and resources used for the creation of compatible electronic logistic services in Russia and EU countries.
    The concept of the project has been created. The Russian partners will submit an application for the TACIS programme for 2004-2006 in November 2004.

  • DaGoB
    Safe and Reliable Transport Chains of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region project aims at improving the co-operation between public and private stakeholders related to DG transport in the BSR by connecting the stakeholders on different levels, providing up-to-date information on cargo flows, supply chain efficiency and risks. The project is approved in the Interreg programme and it concists of 4 work packages.

  • LogOn Baltic
    Aims at improving regional development and spatial integration in different types of regions by transferring knowledge in ICT and logistics competence. The main objective is to produce and disseminate information for regional development agencies on how to support enterprises in the participationg regions. The project will idetify development agencies, evaluate their performance in selected BSR as well as the level of logistics and ICT efficiency. LogOn Baltic will search measures and suggest extension projects to enhance the circumstances for the development of SME in the regions. The project is approved in the Interreg programme and it concists of 4 work packages.

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