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Joining TEDIM is being organised through states

Ministries responsible for transport notify of their willingness to join the programme and ICC confirms the membership. Joining is free and there is no membership fee in the development programme.


 During its ten active years the TEDIM
 programme has proved to be a profitable
 development and discussion forum for its
 member countries. TEDIM acts as an
 umbrella for several projects involving
 international transport and logistics
TEDIM is administrated in three layers (see organisational structure).
International Coordinating Committee (Red cone symbol ICC), the Technical Coordinating Group
(Red cone symbol TCG), have representatives from each member country. TEDIM Secretariat (TS)  takes care of the general coordination. TEDIM Secretariat together with the National Secretariats of the TEDIM member countries are responsible for the marketing and promotion of the programme. Further more, each member country has also their National Boards (Red cone symbol NB). The Finnish national board for instance consists of representatives of participating companies and authorities.

The presidency of ICC is being circulated from one country to another. The chairing country and the chairman of the Committee is elected for one year.

The chairing country also hosts the ICC and if possible also the TCG meetings. TCG meets basically once a year, but also more often if needed. 

Every membership country has to nominate their contact person and representative for the meetings and take care of the travel and equal participation costs.

All proposed TEDIM projects should have their financing organised on a public-private basis, which has proved to be the most effective way to secure that the work undertaken is relevant for the business life and will lead to real life solutions without delays. 

Prior to joining, TEDIM aims to find such projects in which the representatives (authorities and enterprises) of a joining country might directly participate. In doing so, the membership would have a concrete basis. We are ready to send you material about the projects as well as discuss possible new projects, if your country is willing to join the development programme in the near future.

For further information from the TEDIM Secretariat

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