The TEDIM administrative organisation consists of three levels. The highest administrative body is the International Co-ordinating Committee Red cone symbol ICC , which meets once a year.

The Technical Co-ordinating Group Red cone symbol TCG  prepares the items to be discussed in the ICC meetings. TCG meets once or twice a year, as the need arises.

The TCG is an instrument for programme and project development purposes. The TCG has devided into two activities

  1. TCG Administration, which include e.d. administrative issues and general programme co-ordination and event management.
  2. TCG Projects, which include e.g. existing projects as well as new development initiatives. In addition to above the participants could include also project managers and other experts.

All member countries has their National TEDIM Secretariats, which together form a close Network. Jari Gröhn, the Senior Engineer of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finlad is the Co-ordinator of the TEDIM Programme.

                 Organisation of Tedim Programme

  1. International Co-ordination Committee (ICC)
  2. Technical Co-ordination Group (TCG)
  3. National TEDIM Secretariats (NTS)
  4. National TEDIM Boards (NTB)

On the national level, the co-ordination of the programme varies depending on the member country. For example, the National Board (Red cone symbol NTB) of Finland gathers 3...4 times a year to observe the development within the programme.



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