The TEDIM International Coordinating Committee meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland, on 6–7 February 2008. Ms Silja Ruokola, Director of the Unit for Logistucs and Russian Co-operation from the Ministry of Transport anc Communications of Finland, acted as the chairman of the meeting.

All TEDIM member countries, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Finland, were represented at the meeting. Denmark participated in the meeting as an observer.

The ICC meeting emphasised the following:

  • The TEDIM development and cooperation forum has expanded, gained new significance and attracted several countries to the project work. TEDIM has turn into a strong and extensive, well-functionint network of the Northern Europe;
  • TEDIM countries participated actively in the work of the EU-Russia ad hoc Group on Transport Logistics Problems. The final report of the working group was published last year and due to this work there are now three pilot projects between EU and Russia which aim at improving the border crossings;
  • New challenges - Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics, where an important task is to draft a work plan and elements for the Partnership framework;
  • One of such initiatives is the TEDIM Programme. One of the TEDIM’s most important goal is to contribute the Baltic Sea region development in support of logistics and information network establishment and development;
  • The following Baltic Sea logistics development projects were presented to the ICC: EU-RUSSIA LOGISTICS – Results of the ad-hoc working group, ISETEC, National German Development Programme and NORTHERN AXIS – Project;
  • The ICC noted that the presented TEDIM Strategy Prolongation 2010 -draft document serves as a good basis for the future cooperation and discussions in the field of logistics and telematics;
  • Four TEDIM projects were given the status of a completed project and stressed the importance of bringing into uses the developed systems and achieved results;
  • Six new interesting project initiatives, Logistics Terminology –project, Baltic Tangent 2, Baltic AIS Trial, FinRus 2 - Compatibility of IT systems between Finnish and Russian companies, Connecting Authorities for Safer Border-Crossing of Heavy Goods Transport and DaGoB++ were presented at the meeting. All presented projects were granted a TEDIM Certificate.

It was noted that for the year 2008 there are no candidates for the rotating presidency. At the same time Finland informed that it will for now cut down the support for the TEDIM international secretariat. Finland has supported the TEDIM Secretariat from the beginning of the programme.

The meeting agenda included a visit to the new Vuosaari harbour of the Port of Helsinki.

The second day of the meeting included a possibility to participate the annual international Logistics Seminar organised by the Finnish Logistics Association and Establish Finland.

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