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TEDIM - Leading Logistics Cooperation Forum in the Northern Dimension

Smoother solutions for international trade and logistics using telematics !

TEDIM is an international development forum with several development projects.

TEDIM mission includes:

  • acting as a development forum for logistics co-operation between the EU and Russia, as well as between the EU member states,
  • developing common Northern Dimension information management platforms,
  • education about new regulations and best practises in transport and logistics,
  • supporting development and use of telematics in transport and logistics

Typical for the projects under the TEDIM umbrella is a unique co-operation between private and public sectors. The idea of "public & private" projects is to improve preconditions and to find solutions for the companies involved by means of their close co-operation with the authorities. In the projects, the national authorities act only as catalysts, and the companies themselves determine the project contents, according to their own wishes and objectives. 

The companies and organisations involved in TEDIM finance the projects. TEDIM is also actively looking for financial support from public investors and financing institutes of the member countries and/or from the EU.

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Red cone symbol 16th TEDIM ICC meeting was held in Helsinki, 6-7th February 2008

Red cone symbol TEDIM Logistics Seminar - Focus Area - EU-Russia Logistics Networks was held in Helsinki, 15-16th May 2007

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