Press release

The 15th TEDIM ICC meeting in Lübeck 12-13.10.2006


The TEDIM International Coordinating Committee (ICC) meeting was held in Lûbeck, Germany, on 12–13 October 2006. Ms. Hilde Trebesch, Deputy Director General of the Strategic Planning Department, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs of Germany acted as the chairperson of the 15th ICC meeting.

The following TEDIM member countries were represented in the meeting: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Denmark participated the meeting as an observer.

The ICC meeting emphasized the following:

  • The ICC noted with satisfaction the timing and activeness of Finland in proposing to prepare the EU Strategy for Logistics, which has been supported and approved in the Baltic Sea region
  • Logistics is in focus with the European transport policy during Finland’s EU Presidency. The promotion of logistics will be continued during the German EU Presidency. Germany underlined the importance of the efficiency of the freight transport system as a whole.
  • TEDIM Riga strategy for 2004-2008 has proven to be a good tool for developing projects to improve the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region. The basic lines of the future of the TEDIM and main strategy lines were discussed.
  • The ICC noted the role of TEDIM in strengthening the logistics development in the Baltic Sea region. In the future all transport modes need to be involved in this development co-operation as today. The optimum use of infrastructure and integrated solutions regarding safety and environment in the freight transport logistics are the key items in the future. Also a stronger co-operation with Asia and Mediterranean was supported.
  • InLoC project was given the status of a completed project. The ICC stressed the importance of bringing into uses the developed systems and achieved results.
  • With satisfaction that there are eight multinational ongoing development projects under the TEDIM umbrella.
  • Several new interesting project initiatives and ideas to be developed further were presented at the meeting. RFID and the security of the supply chains are future challenges in the transport logistics.
  • Baltic Tangent Russia and Multi Forest Industry Export Multi-mode Integration project proposals were granted the TEDIM Certificates.

The meeting agenda included a visit to the developing Port of Lübeck.

The chairmanship of the TEDIM Programme for 2007 will be Finland. The next ICC meeting will be held in autumn 2007 in  Helsinki


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