TEDIM TCG met in Helsinki

The TEDIM TCG met in Helsinki on 31st of January 2007. Mr Matti Roine, Director of Traffic Safety Unit at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland acted as a chairperson of the meeting. The following TEDIM member countries were represented at the meeting: Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Finland.

The TCG discussed about the future development of the TEDIM Programme. The main themes of the meeting were: the EU-Russia co-operation, logistics development in the Baltic Sea region and the role of the TEDIM Programme. The TCG exchanged views about the validity of the TEDIM Riga strategy 2004-2008 and how to continue the TEDIM co-operation. Despite of these items the TCG discussed about the new TEDIM project ideas.

The TCG agreed to arrange an international TEDIM Logistics Seminar in Helsinki in May 15-16th, 2007. The two-day seminar will cosist of high-level issues on the first day of the seminar and the second day is for workshops.

The next TCG meeting was agreed to be held on 5th of June 2007, in Poland.

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