"EU-Russia Logistics Challenges Today" - TEDIM Seminar May 15-16th, 2007 in Helsinki

TEDIM Programme organises an international seminar on "EU-Russia Logistics Challenges Today" in Helsinki, Finland on 15-16th of May 2007.

The seminar programme cosists of two days. The first day of the seminar is for the public sectors presentations and company cases about the companies SCM processes and their development needs as well as the TEDIM cases best practise.

The next day is for working laboratories on three different themes:
1) Integration of future border-crossing processes with Logistics Centres and SCM 
2) Role of new security processes and technologies in SCM and their impact to environment 
3) How ICT-development will make supply chains more efficient e.g. e-procurement, new standards in logistics.

Draft of the Seminar Programme Red cone symbol TEDIM Logistics Seminar 2007 - Programme

For further information on the Seminar, please contact the TEDIM Secretariat tedim@tedim.com

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