TEDIM Logistics Seminar -
Focus Area - EU-Russia Logistics Networks

The TEDIM International Logistics Seminar was held in Helsinki, Finland on 15–16 May 2007.

The following countries were represented in the seminar: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation and United Kingdom.

During the TEDIM Logistics Seminar the following items were raised:

  • Logistics was in focus with the European transport policy during Finland’s EU Presidency. The promotion of logistics continues during the German EU Presidency. Germany underlines the importance of the efficiency of the freight transport system as a whole.
  • The logistics challenges between Russia and EU are being elaborated in multiple working groups and currently one main focus area is to actively search for means to improve border crossing processes in co-operation with all parties. EU-Russia ad-hoc working group on logistics is working on this topic and will report its findings and recommendations during June 2007.
  • In Russia the importance of logistics is highly appreciated and multiple initiatives are being made to improve the infrastructure, logistics processes and technologies.
  • It was also highlighted that economic indicators globally and within the Baltic Sea region are positive and will give opportunities for all countries to benefit from growing international trade and related logistics.
  • The main beneficiaries from the economic development should be private companies and views were heard from three global companies.
  • The targeted results from logistics development process include improved infrastructures in port, road and rail systems, faster turnaround time and reduced costs due to simplified border crossing procedures, increased safety of transports and in general better management of whole logistics chains by utilizing new and innovative ICT and other technologies.
  • TEDIM is a Baltic Sea wide forum of public organizations and private companies. The role of TEDIM program is to strengthen the logistics development in the whole Baltic Sea region. In the future all transport modes need to be integrated, the optimum use of infrastructure and integrated solutions regarding safety and environment in the freight transport logistics are the key items. Multiple TEDIM projects are geared toward creating best practices for EU-Russia logistics.

The Presentations of the TEDIM Seminar will be soon avaialbe at the TEDIM web-site and the TEDIM News Letter will be published in the beginning of June 2007.

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