TEDIM Logistics Seminar
Focus Area - EU-Russia Logistics Networks

The TEDIM International Logistics Seminar was held in Helsinki, Finland on 15–16 May 2007. There were participants from 14 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation and United Kingdom.

The TEDIM Seminar News will be published in the beginning of June 2007.

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Programme and Presentations


A-Session: What are the key actions required from public sector to facilitate better and more efficient EU-Russia logistics? 
Chairperson Mr Harri Cavén, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland

  1. The work of the ad-hoc group on EU-Russia logistics problems
    Mr Graeme Preston, European Commission, Directorate General for Energy and Transport, Secretary of the ad-hoc working group on EU-Russia Transport Logistics Problems  PDF file symbol Graeme Preston - EU-Russia ad hoc

  2. German EU-presidency – reflections around the Baltic Sea
    Mr Arnold Höllrigl, Head of Division, Shipping and waterways Department, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs of Germany

  3. Russian logistics integrating into EU networks
    Mr Moskvitshov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

B-Session: European border crossing challenge and reflections to the economic environment
Chairperson Mr Harri Cavén, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland

  1. Economic development in the Baltic Sea region
    Doctor Mr Pekka Sutela, Head of BOFIT, Bank of Finland, Institute of Economies in Transition PDF file symbol Pekka Sutela - BOFIT

  2. Bottlenecks in the in the European Cross Border Management
    Mr Tapani Erling, Chairman of the Council of the World Customs Organization
    PDF file symbol Tapani Erling - WCO

C-Session: EU-Russia trade is growing – new demands for international companies and their SCM processes
Chairperson Mr Raimo Mansukoski, Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers

  1. Finland – Russia Exports Challenging Logistics – case Shell
    Mr Ekku Raikamo, Central & East Europe Logistics Manager, Oy Shell Ab
    PDF file symbol Ekku Raikamo - Shell

  2. Challenges and possibilities of the feeder traffic between EU and Russia - case Teamlines
    Mr Jan Klüver, Managing Director, Teamlines, Germany
    PDF file symbol Jan Kluver - Teamlines

  3. Wood industry and SCM in changes – case Stora Enso 
    Mr Semi Roiha, Logistics Manager, Stora Enso Oyj

D-Session: Best Practices in International Logistics and SCM
Chairperson Mr Jari Gröhn, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, TEDIM co-ordinator

  1. Best Practices in the Baltic Sea Region – case LogOnBaltic 
    Mr Wolfgang Kersten, Professor, HSL Hamburg School of Logistics GmbH, Germany  PDF file symbol Wolfgang Kersten - LogOn Baltic

  2. Long-term railway co-operation projects between Russia and Finland 
    Mr Matti Andersson, Marketing Manager, VR, Finnish Railways
    PDF file symbol Matti Andersson - VR

  3. Challenges of dangerous cargo transport at the Baltic Sea region
    – case DaGoB and DaGoRus
    Mr Lauri Ojala, Professor, Turku School of Economics 
    Mr Jorma Rytkönen, Director, VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland

    PDF file symbol Lauri Ojala - DaGoB and PDF file symbol Jorma Rytkonen - DaGoRus

programma 16.5.

E-Session: What are the future development scenarios in three key areas of logistics?
Chairperson Mr Matti Roine, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland

Theme Laboratories:

  1. Integration of future border-crossing processes with Logistics Centres and SCM
    Mr Peter Fenn, Customs Consultant of ILO Task Force for Border Crossing Detection Senior Manager, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), UK
    PDF file symbol
     Peter Fenn - ILO 1 and PDF file symbol Peter Fenn - ILO 2
    Mr Peter Zashev, Senior Research Fellow, Pan-European Institute, Turku School of Economics - Moderator 
    PDF file symbol Peter Zashev - TSE

    PDF file symbol Anastasia Chursina - NW Customs Terminal

  2. Role of new security processes and technologies in SCM and their impact to environment
    Mr Stefan Fischer, Professor, University of Lübeck, Germany
    PDF file symbol
     Stefan Fischer - University of Lübeck
    Mr Horst Pahl, Managing Director, TraDaV GmbH, Germany - Moderator
    PDF file symbol Horst Pahl -Tradav

  3. How ICT-development and standards make supply chains more efficient
    Mr Matthias Gehrken, Nokia RosettaNet Champion
    PDF file symbol 
    Matthias Gehrken - Nokia
    Mr Juhani Strömberg, Vice President, Finland Post Group - Moderator 
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