LogOn Baltic final conference (TACIS component)

The LogOn Baltic Final conference is planned to be held in St.Petersburg, Russia at the end of November 2008. The exact date and place are to be confirmed.

Purpose of the conference concludes the final stage of the LogOn Baltic project, specifically its TACIS financed component aimed at producing and disseminating information for St. Petersburg based actors on how to facilitate and enable logistics in the region, as well as how to support enterprises in their effort to improve ICT and logistics competence, thus improving regional development.

The programme is planned for two days:

1) First day - Pleanary sessions for policy makers, practitioners and researchers/educators from St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea Region

2) Second day for project partners - working group meetings

Project website: www.logonbaltic.info

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Harri Lorentz, +358 50 502 7087, harri.lorentz(a)tse.fi  or
Ms. Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, +358 50 590 3182, heli.koukkula(a)establish.fi

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