LogOn Baltic final conference (Tacis component) - Presentations available

The LogOn Baltic (Tacis component) final conference was held in St. Petersburg on 28th November, 2008. An international audience of more that 100 persons participated in the event.

Many important issues were covered by the speakers, and we hope that the initiated discussion continues and further facilitates the development of the "Logistics Arch of Triumph" in St. Petersburg.

Conference material is now available on the LogOn Baltic website www.logonbaltic.info . Please look at for example the following items of interest:

  • The LogOn Baltic report, "State of Logistics in the Baltic Sea Region - Survey results form eight countries", has now been transleted in to Russian.
  • The presentation of Mr. Alexey Lvov (Committee for Transport and Transit Policy) on the "Development of Transport System of St. Petersburg", is a comprehensive compilation of recent logistics related developments in St. Petersburg. 
  • The presentation of Mr. Markus Weidmann (SMI, Moscow) on the "Development of the Logistics Services Markets in Russia" provides an insightful picture of this crucial and rapidly developing sector in the Russian economy.


Professor Lauri Ojala
Turku School of Economics, Finland

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