TEDIM STRATEGY 2004-2008 -

The XII ICC Meeting in Riga on September 16 -17, 2003 agreed to continue co-operation under the TEDIM programme. A new strategy was also approved for the period from 2004 to 2008. It was named the Riga Strategy after the city hosting the meeting.

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The mission of the TEDIM programme is to strengthen the positive development of the Baltic Sea Region by supporting logistics development and by creating an integrated logistics information network within the framework of the Northern Dimension.

The ICC meeting agreed unanimously that there is a major need for a logistics co-operation forum like the TEDIM Programme in the Baltic Sea Region for the Baltic environment is now undergoing numerous changes. The aim is to make TEDIM the leading forum for the development of cooperation in transport and logistics within the Northern Dimension with the help of the new strategy.

The TEDIM mission includes

  • acting as a DEVELOPMENT forum for LOGISTICS co-operation between the EU and Russia, as well as between the EU member states,
  • developing common Northern Dimension INFORMATION MANAGEMENT platforms,
  • EDUCATION about new regulations and best practises in transport and logistics,
  • supporting development and use of TELEMATICS in transport and logistics
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The following Red cone symbol Development Areas were approved as part of the new TEDIM Strategy:

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Logistics Services
  • Logistics Corridors
  • Logistics Information Management
  • Public Contribution and Participation

Tedim Development areas


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