In 1995 the Finnish, German and Russian Ministries of Transport started a co-operative development programme in the field of transport telematics together with Russian Ministry of Railway Transport and the City of St.Petersburg. This programme aimed to find smoother solutions for the international transport chains in the Baltic Sea Region by using advanced technology. The programme was called TEDIM - Telematics in Foreign Trade Logistics and Delivery Management.

Estonia joined the programme as early as in 1996 and today Latvia, Poland and Lithuania are also TEDIM member countries. Denmark and Sweden have attended TEDIM ICC meetings as observers as well as taken part in some individual projects.

TEDIM Countries 2007

The "New Northern Europe" - a region of over 60 million inhabitants comprises North-Western Russia (including Moscow), the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, and also the northern parts of Poland and Germany. One important goal of TEDIM is to create an efficient logistics network between the TEDIM countries and the rest of the EU. 

TEDIM has been accepted as one of the strategic transport network projects of the EU and it is also going to develop as a tool of the Northern Dimension.
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During the last years, there have been over 40 profitable development projects, studies and researces in the field of railway-, maritime- and road transport, and customs procedures under the TEDIM umbrella.
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The chairmanship of the ICC rotates yearly between TEDIM member countries
The chairing coutry of the TEDIM Programme for 2007-2008 is Finland, and the XVI TEDIM ICC meeting took place 6-7th February 2008 in Helsinki.

The new TEDIM Strategy for 2004-2008 was adopted at the 12th ICC meeting.
This Strategy was named "Riga Strategy" after the city hosting the meeting.
Red cone symbol TEDIM Strategy 2004-2008

Red cone symbol TEDIM Strategy 1999-2004

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